If a relative has recently passed away and your family is experiencing difficulties in distributing their estate, Family Arbitration and Mediation Center can help facilitate an agreement that is fair to all parties involved.

An “estate” refers to all property and assets owned by an individual prior to distribution through a trust or a will. Property may be real or personal. Real property consists of real estate, while personal property includes everything else (cars, bank accounts, household items, etc.).

When you visit Family Arbitration and Mediation Center, Shelly Grossman will evaluate the distribution of the estate, considering factors such as the deceased’s will, the rights of the surviving spouse (should the spouse still be living), and the rights of the deceased’s children. She will then mediate between parties until a distribution of the estate is reached that all the disputing parties agree to.

Mediation and arbitration enable you to avoid the lengthy and expensive court procedures that may otherwise be required to effectively distribute the estate, and provides you with a faster resolution to the dispute. This allows you to reach a fair and legally binding decision to the dispute.

If you have any questions about estate distribution in the Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania, area or to schedule an appointment with Shelly Grossman, please call us today at 610-209-1858.

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