In the divorce process, the expectation is usually that all assets and debts will be divided equally. When you visit Family Arbitration and Mediation Center, we look at the entire picture, and work with both parties to help them decide how to divide their assets and liabilities.

There are many questions involved in the division of assets and liabilities – Who gets the couch in the living room? Does one of you want to keep the family home and remove the other from the mortgage? Are there debts that were incurred during the marriage, and if so, how will they be divided? Is cash more important to one party than a retirement fund?

Shelly Grossman will mediate between parties to ensure that an agreement fair to both sides is reach. In some cases, the division will be clear, while in others it may require some negotiating. She will walk you through the division process until both parties are satisfied and all disputes are resolved. It is our goal to make the division of assets and liabilities as smooth and easy as possible.

We welcome you to call Family Arbitration and Mediation Center today at 610-209-1858 to make your appointment with Shelly Grossman and learn more about the division of assets and liabilities in the Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania, area.

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