Alimony is post-divorce support, and is designed to provide financial support to the party with the lower income. Alimony is typically awarded when there is a difference between the parties’ incomes or when one spouse gave up career opportunities for the benefit of the marriage. For example, alimony may be awarded so that he or she can finish their education, receive additional training, find employment, and/or supplement that party’s needs when he or she is unable to earn enough income to meet his or her reasonable needs.

Alimony can often be a contentious part of any separation agreement. In mediation, the involved parties meet to decide the maintenance question. Shelly Grossman assists you to review the differential in your incomes, the needs of both parties, and the division of assets and debts that can be created to provide for the lower income party in lieu of maintenance. Some factors we will consider include:

  • The receiving spouse’s career prior to marriage
  • The receiving spouse’s education during the marriage
  • The receiving spouse’s marketability to potential employers
  • The receiving spouse’s ability to support him or herself
  • The length of the marriage
  • Disparity in earnings between the disputing parties currently and the potential future earning disparity

We will also consider the reluctance of a party to pay or receive alimony. We will help facilitate an agreement that addresses the issue of alimony in a fair and unbiased way.

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